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Finding the right legal professional to handle your legal matters is the most important move to make. In the Milton, MA, region, people get excellent care and personal attention for their legal issues at the Law Office of Byron J. Knight, LLC. We provide a broad range of General Law client services, including Criminal Defense.

Law Office of Byron J. Knight, LLC

When you need to find an attorney to handle your legal matters, you want someone who has experienced in the area of law practice that addressed your issues. You also want a professional with a strong background in law and who understands state laws and the court systems of Massachusetts.

At the Law Office of Byron J. Knight, LLC, in Milton, MA, our founder and owner, Attorney Knight, has been helping people statewide to resolve their legal problems successfully, for over 10 years. We provide legal services in many areas of law, including:

  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Residential Real Estate Transactions
  • General Law

Attorney Knight

“Excellence in Representation” is a way of working for Attorney Knight. He gives each client the personalized attention and care they deserve, as he works with them to resolve legal matters. He was first licensed to practice law in Massachusetts in 2005. He also possesses a unique group of skills for directing investigations, achieving high-stakes objectives and providing leadership to multi-disciplinary teams. He has a strong record for creating problem-solving strategies in crisis management situations. Another area where Attorney Knight excels in helping clients is partnership building for groups that hold opposing views. He is not deterred by high-pressure situations or tough legal challenges.

Massachusetts Legal Services

Attorney Knight is an experienced legal counsel with over 14 years expertise in providing leadership to multi-disciplinary teams, while directing investigations and achieving challenging, high-stakes objectives with limited resources. Attorney Knight has a strong record of developing and implementing problem solving strategies in crisis management situations with expertise in communication and interpersonal relations. Attorney Knight is highly successful at building partnerships with groups that hold opposing views with the ability to excel in high pressure situations and will always provide his clients with “Excellence in Representation”.

Attorney Knight has a strong knowledge of Massachusetts law, gained through experience and his excellent education at New England Law Boston. He graduated from law school with a Juris Doctor Law Degree, in 2005.   Attorney Knight began practicing law first  as a prosecutor in Suffolk County.  After an outstanding career as a prosecutor Attorney Knight was asked to join Governor Deval Patrick’s legal team in order address the impact of the actions of disgraced drug chemist Annie Dookhan.  Attorney Knight worked closely with the Department of Public Health, Office of the Inspector General, the Department of Public Safety, and the Executive Office of Health and Human Services to identify affected defendants and facilitate the production of discovery materials to the defense and prosecution.  Attorney Knight’s legal ability was recognized by both the Governor and the Chief Legal Counsel when he was promoted to Deputy Legal Counsel in the Office of the Governor’s Legal Counsel.   He is a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association and the American Bar Association. During his long legal career, Attorney Knight has handled thousands of Criminal cases and many different types of General Practice cases.

If you are concerned about any legal matter, get exceptional legal advice and representation from a proven professional with an impressive track record of success.

To learn more about how Attorney Knight can help you resolve legal problems quickly and correctly, contact the Law Office of Byron J. Knight, LLC, in Milton, MA. Call us now, at (617) 863-2529.