Criminal Defense

When you are facing any type of criminal charges, it is important to take them seriously. Keep in mind that a conviction on your record could mean you could be passed over for a job, you could problems securing housing and you may even have trouble obtaining a loan. Experienced, aggressive criminal defense representation is important regardless of whether you are facing a misdemeanor or felony charge.

DUI/OUI: The Costs are High

Facing either a misdemeanor or criminal charge in Massachusetts could also cost you certain rights. A DUI/OUI arrest could mean high penalties, including loss of your driving rights, and mandatory alcohol treatment. Massachusetts passed “Melanie’s Law” in 2005 which increased the penalties for DUI/OUI convictions. Now you can expect:

  • No prior offense convictions – mandatory licensee suspension of 180 days
  • 1 prior offense conviction – three years’ mandatory license suspension
  • 2 prior offense convictions – five years’ mandatory license suspension
  • 3 prior offense convictions – lifetime license suspension

It is also important to note that if you have refused a breathalyzer test, the officer at the scene will confiscate your driver’s license. However, it is important to note that your refusal cannot be used against you in a criminal proceeding.  It is also worthy of note that a DUI conviction will likely mean serious insurance rate hikes.

Massachusetts Gun Laws and Convictions

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts takes gun laws very seriously. Anyone who fails to maintain a current Firearms Identification Card (FID) could face a mandatory jail sentence. The judge in any case of gun possession where there is a guilty finding has no leeway; the sentencing is a minimum of 18 months in a house of correction. Any prior convictions will mean higher mandatory penalties.

There are a whole range of misdemeanor and felony charges you could be facing under Massachusetts law ranging including assault, assault and battery, shoplifting or other petty theft charges and more. Any conviction will mean spending the rest of your life with a criminal record. You need a Massachusetts criminal defense attorney who understands how the criminal courts work and someone who will fight tirelessly to defend you against the charges you are facing. Attorney Knight has had experience working in the court system in Massachusetts and will fight hard to protect your rights and mount a successful defense on your behalf.

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